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Testimonials from Home & Health Care Clients and their Families


I am especially thankful to your agency for the help you have given to me. One of your staff comes twice a week and he has been so kind and caring. This world could certainly use more dedicated sincere people. Thank you all again.


Thank you all for your very kind and courteous service. All the very best to you all.
As long as your services are around my father will never need to go to a nursing home.


Mom was 73 years old when dad died. Although she had never lived alone a day in her life, she was very determined to live independently in her own home. She took on the tasks of learning to maintain her home, manage her finances and handle the upkeep of her car. By the time she turned 80, she could proudly say, “I did it!”

In the next decade, her health began to threaten her independence. Increasingly, her safety in her own home was a worry to her children and neighbors. Then, one at a time angels of mercy began to appear in the form of health care services which proved vital in helping mom achieve her wish to remain independent in her home. Home and Health Care Services helped mom keep her home neat and clean and assisted mom with bathing as well as helped her get outside for a daily walk which proved essential to her health.


Thank you for your help during my brother’s illness. Please convey our appreciation to his caregivers, they were all great to him. We could not have done it without them.


Thank you all for your words of sympathy at a time of great grief. We had a wonderful last year together. Your services have been so helpful.


To All Mom’s Caregivers:
Thanks for the special care you gave our mom. We are so sorry we don’t know all the names but mom did. Each meant so much to her. She worried, prayed and thanked each of you. God bless each of you.


For years you came into her home and mom felt comfortable with your compassionate, professional and loving care. Thank you for handling her as if she was your own mother.


Your aide was very professional and careful to do things by the book. Yet he always made us feel that he was a caring friend coming to help out, not a worker coming to do a job. He treated dad with respect and dignity. He talked to him, not at him, explaining what he was going to do each step of the way. If dad refused something, your aide respected his choice. He understood dad needed some control of his daily life. He was friendly and conversational and shared dad’s sense of humor when it was appropriate. Our whole family is grateful that your aide helped us all through this.


This is certainly a wonderful service. I am so fortunate and thankful for my aide.


I have a wonderful aide who I know enjoys her work because she is always smiling and does such a wonderful job.


“Care with a Personal Touch”

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Testimonials from Home & Health Care Services Clients


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